SPP's Jose Raymond on Singapore's sporting scene, why he's in politics and more | 20 Answers With...

"I would not do this if I had been asked by any other political party. I am doing this because I have got to pay it forward to the Chiams for what they did for me and my family when we needed it the most." We asked opposition politician Jose Raymond, chairman of Singapore People's Party to answer 20 questions on why he got into politics, his involvement in the local sports scene, and if he ever says "No way, Jose". Read our text interview with him here:…/spp-chairman-jose-raymond-we-need-…/ 🔴 Want to watch more? Check out our latest videos on the upcoming General Elections on our #GE2020 microsite ➡️ You are welcome. LET'S CONNECT! -- Facebook: -- Twitter: -- Instagram: -- Tiktok: -- Telegram: Business Enquiries: [email protected] 🔔Click on the bell icon to be the first to watch our videos! 🔔

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