Latest robots, drones and China's space mission. Technology News 2020

The latest robots, drones and China's space mission. High-tech news. Technology News 2020. Technology and Science News. The latest technology news. The new version of the Spot Boston Dynamics robot. News block about robots: version 2.0 of the Spot robot from Boston Dynamics, the latest robot A1 from Unitree Robotics and a couple more quad-legged robots. New drone from DJI - Matrice 300 RTK with a record flight time of 55 minutes, combat drone Boeing Loyal Wingman, which is controlled by artificial intelligence, the latest systems of protection against drones and vision for drones. China's reusable spacecraft, delivery robots, wireless charging for electric cars, robots and drones in motion. How sounds Elon Musk's son name "X Æ A-12" and other high-tech news. #prorobots #technology #roboticsnews PRO Robots is not just a channel about robots and future technologies, we are interested in science, technology, new technologies and robotics in all its manifestations, science news, technology news today, science and technology news 2020, so that in the future it will be possible to expand future release topics. Today, our vlog just talks about complex things, follows the tech news, makes reviews of exhibitions, conferences and events, where the main characters are best robots in the world! Subscribe to the channel, like the video and join us!

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