Global Update, Australia, UK

Global Update, Australia, Egypt, Ethiopia, West Bank, Ireland, Brazil, India, Pakistan, UK Global Cases, 10, 005, 970 Recovered, 4,903,500 Deaths, 499,306 196 countries and territories Australia Victorians urged to get tested if symptomatic Cough, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, or loss of sense of smell or taste Dashboard for Australia Health checker page Egypt Cases, 63,923 Deaths, 2,708 Lifted many restrictions Rising number of cases Cafes (25%), clubs, gyms, theatres after more than three months of closure Mosques and churches were reopened (not for main services) Night-time curfew lifted Ethiopia Cases, 5,570 Deaths, 94 Oldest survivor Tilahun Woldemichael, aged 114 Hospital for 3 weeks Oxygen and dexamethasone Ethiopia's health minister, recommends dexamethasone in patients who require ventilation or oxygen West Bank Increases Bethlehem, 48-hour closure from Monday Hebron and Nablus were closed last week for a time Dominican Republic Cases, + 855 = 30,619 Deaths, 718 Face masks mandatory since 16 April Today, a strict curfew lifted after three months No limits on movements Ireland Population 4.9m Recent rapid reopening New infections increasing Growing infections in under 35s Cases, + 23 = 25,437 Deaths, 1,734 Brazil Cases, + 38,693 = 1,313,667 Deaths, + 1,109 = 57,070 India Cases, + 17,000 = 528,859 Deaths, 16,095 Delhi Hospitals filled beyond capacity, turning patients away Hotels, wedding halls, an ashram and railway coaches, repurposed for coronavirus care Health experts are urging the government to prioritise keeping mortality down ‘Numbers are going to increase’, (Dr Manoj Murhekar, of India’s main coronavirus task force) Pakistan Cases, 202,955 Deaths, 4,118 10 members of national cricket team tested positive Positive people arriving in England UK Cases, 311,739 Deaths, 43,598 New cases, 2,341 If 5% (3.3m) of the UK population has been infected, IFR = 1.3% 70% of the UK population =46,200,000 For 70% of UK population at 1.3%, deaths = 600,600 Results from these antibody tests provide information about past infections Liverpool, 15 arrested Two raves in London Pop-up bike lanes in central London and Leicestershire Imported cases Half of Britain’s imported cases, from Pakistan 65,000 people since March 1 from Pakistan 2 flights per day 30 cases imported from Pakistan since June 4 Some go to hospital as soon as arriving Emirates suspended flights out of Pakistan after positive passengers Concerns that the influx has led to localised clusters Risk of possible spread to Europe via air bridges Good outcomes

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